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The municipal services of Leiria ask for a “contained and regulated” use of water

The Municipal Water and Sanitation Service (SMAS) of Leiria asked the population this Thursday to make a “restricted and regulated” use of water due to the drought situation in the country.

“We appeal to Behavior change and a restricted and regulated use of water for human consumption. Washing cars, washing patios, sidewalks and streets, watering the garden or filling private pools are examples of procedures to avoid”, says information sent by the company to the Lusa agency.

The Leiria SMAS said that, in the operational sphere, they are implementing the plan to detect illicit consumption and monitor the water level in the catchments.

On the other hand, the company will also reinforce the dissemination of the “All drops count” campaign, which aims to “sensitize the population about the adoption of good practices in the use of water in order to rationalize consumption”.

In March, the Municipality and the SMAS of Leiria launched this awareness campaign, after the drought that was already affecting the country.

The campaign aims to “promote behavior change” and call for “a clear and active awareness of the efficient use of water.”

The initiative also wants to “put the most sustainable management of this resource on the local agenda.”

The SMAS considered that, “despite the multiple awareness-raising actions, the news that portray this reality and the information that proliferates on the subject, a negligent attitude towards the use of water still persists in today’s society.”

The Municipal Water and Sanitation Services of Leiria, created in 1933, are the entity that manages the water supply and sanitation of the municipality of Leiria.

The SMAS of Leiria have a water supply network 1,800 kilometers long (the largest water supply network in the country), they manage 24 underground catchments and 78 reservoirs”, they serve “some 66,000 clients in terms of water supply ” and around 52,000 customers in the field of sewage drainage”, according to company data.

According to the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), more than a quarter of the continent’s territory was experiencing extreme drought at the end of June (28.4%), with a particular increase in the South region and in some places . Interior North and Center.

The rest of the territory was in severe drought (67.9%) and moderate drought (3.7%), according to the weather report.

At the end of june, the percentage of water in the soil was still very low throughout the territory and especially in the interior North and Center region, in the Tagus Valley, Alentejo and Algarve.

“The districts of Bragança, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Santarém, Setúbal, Beja and Faro stand out with values ​​below 10% and in many places equal to the permanent wilting point,” the IPMA highlighted.

Source: Observadora

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