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Strong winds cause damage in Vila Nova da Barquinha and leave a family homeless

An “atypical meteorological phenomenon” of very strong winds in Moita do Norte, municipality of Vila Nova da Barquinha, caused extensive material damage to the roofs of five houses on Thursday, leaving a family homeless, said the Portuguese mayor.

In the town of Moita do Norte, municipality of Vila Nova da Barquinha, on Rua dos Cavaleiros, from number 42 to number 46, there was a completely atypical phenomenon at this time of year (…) with very strong winds that lifted the roofs of these five residential buildings, causing significant damage to the roofs and also to the ground,” Fernando Freire told Lusa.

According to the mayor, who went to the scene, the phenomenon, “presumably a mini tornado”, appeared around 3:00 p.m. and it will take about three minutesleaving a family homeless in this municipality of the district of Santarém.

There is no physical damage to register, only significant material damage, and we have a homeless family, with five people, made up of two parents and three minor children,” said Fernando Freire, who added that this family “will be welcomed in an emergency home. in exceptional situations” that the municipality has in Praia do Ribatejo.

The mayor attributed the phenomenon to a “consequence of climate change”, after warning that these situations “are increasingly recurrent” in global terms and that “it will worsen if nothing is done to mitigate its causes and, subsequently, its effects”.

The National Republican Guard and the Vila Nova da Barquinha Fire Department were at the scene, as well as elements of the Municipal Civil Protection.

Source: Observadora

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