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Samsung smart watch user claims he burned his wrist while sleeping!

Someone says that the wrist of a Samsung Galaxy watch burned while sleeping.

The post showing a person being burned was shared by a user named TheMattsterOfSelf on Reddit’s WellThatSucks community.

In the comments, he said the watch was the Galaxy Watch ‘Active 2 44mm Bluetooth’ model, which he has been using for a long time to manage insomnia.

The user also claims that the scars from the accident are third-degree burns – the kind that extend into the oily layer beneath the dermis.

The user also said that he did not use any skin cream and took sleeping pills, so he did not feel the burn until midnight.

Several other Reddit users have also mentioned similar issues while wearing this model of Samsung smartwatch.

While wearables like the FitBit, Samsung Watch, and Apple Watch are more commonly known to track heart rate after periods of high intensity, millions of people also use them to track sleep.

Samsung smartwatches have caused wrist burns in the past.

The investigation into a possible class action lawsuit is looking into other reports of Galaxy watches causing burns and injuries.

Earlier this year, Fitbit recalled 1.7 million ionic smartwatches after 118 users experienced overheating – two-thirds of which suffered third-degree burns.

In this case, owners got $299 cash back and discounts on future purchases.

The problems are caused by overheating of the lithium-ion battery in the smartwatch.

The Daily Mail has contacted Samsung for comment.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Arabic RT

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