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COP27. Lula maintains that it is necessary to include more countries in the UN Security Council and end the veto privileges

Lula da Silva defended this Wednesday in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where the UN climate summit (COP27) is being held, the inclusion of more countries in the Organization’s Security Council and the end of the veto privilege, “today restricted to a few [países] for the effective promotion of the balance of peace”, emphasizing that “today’s world is not the same as it was in 1945”.

“In the speech I gave at the end of the elections in Brazil, on October 30, I stressed the importance of uniting the country, which was divided in half by the massive spread of fake news and hate speech. On that occasion I said that there are not two Brazils. Now I want to say that there are not two planet Earths”, said the president-elect of Brazil.

“We are a single species called humanity and there will be no future as long as we continue to dig a bottomless pit between rich and poor. We need more empathy. We need to build trust between our peoples. We need to surpass ourselves and go beyond our immediate national interests so that we are able to collectively weave a new international order that reflects the needs of the present and our aspirations for the future,” she stated.

“I am here today to reaffirm Brazil’s unwavering commitment to building a fairer and more humane world”, he stressed, stating that “Brazil is back”.

“Unfortunately, since 2019, Brazil has faced a disastrous government in every way: in the fight against unemployment and inequalities, in the fight against poverty and hunger, in abandoning a pandemic that killed 700,000 Brazilians, in the disrespect for human rights. , in his foreign policy that isolated the country from the rest of the world, and also in the devastation of the environment, ”he said. “I want to say that Brazil is back. He’s back to reconnect with the world and help fight world hunger again.”

“We urgently need financial mechanisms to remedy loss and damage caused by climate change”

The president-elect of Brazil recalled that, in 2009, “the countries present at COP 15 in Copenhagen pledged to mobilize 100 billion dollars [96,2 mil milhões de euros] a year, starting in 2020, to help the least developed countries to face climate change”, a commitment that is not being fulfilled.

“This leads us to reinforce, even more, the need to advance on another topic of this COP27. We urgently need financial mechanisms to remedy the loss and damage caused by climate change,” he declared, arguing that it is not possible to postpone the debate on financial compensation to affected poor countries, a central issue that, in his opinion, was little discussed. during the climate conference.

“We need to face the reality of countries that have the very physical integrity of their territories threatened and the survival conditions of their inhabitants seriously compromised. It is time to act. No time to lose. We can no longer live with this race to the bottom.”

Citing two projects of his future Government at the international level, Lula da Silva said that he intends to hold a Summit of Member Countries of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty, to bring together authorities from Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. countries that have in their territory part of the largest tropical forest on the planet. According to the future Brazilian president, the summit will serve for the countries to discuss in a sovereign manner the promotion of integrated development in the region, with social inclusion and climate responsibility.

“We will be increasingly assertive in the face of the challenge of facing climate change”

COP27 will run until October 18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, and will bring together heads of state, ministers and other officials around the issue of climate. Lula showed on Wednesday her willingness to organize the next climate summit, COP30, in 2015, in the Amazon. “We are going to talk to the UN Secretary General and ask him to bring COP30 to the Amazon,” she said.

“We will be increasingly assertive in the face of the challenge of facing climate change, in line with the commitments agreed in Paris and guided by the search for the decarbonization of the global economy,” he also said, noting that, in 2024, it will correspond to to Brazil presiding over the G20. “Rest assured that the climate agenda will be one of our priorities.”

Lula also mentioned a cooperation agreement between Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo signed this year and which he intends to strengthen in his future government. “Together, our three countries hold 52% of the planet’s remaining primary tropical forests. Together we will work against the destruction of our forests, seeking sustainable financing mechanisms to stop the advance of global warming”, he concluded.

Source: Observadora

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