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This Mercedes would never be allowed in Qatar

Times change, players, coaches and sponsors change, but the drink remains. Inseparable from the party atmosphere that surrounds any major football competition, beer has been more talked about than drunk in Qatarfor the simple fact that the consumption of this, which is the third most popular drink in the world, after water and coffee, is not allowed in and around the stadiums. But there were times when even the buses carrying teams from different countries offered their occupants a special “extra”: a beautiful tap from which fresh beer poured.🇧🇷 That and an ashtray on the back of each seat, which allowed for more relaxed, but potentially more smoky rides.

48 years ago not even the ashtray was surprising, but Mercedes surprised by playing at home. If Hyundai is now the car sponsor of the Qatar World Cup, In 1974, that role was assumed by the star brand, which did not miss the opportunity to show off with the O 302, the bus whose mission was to transport each of the 16 teams that faced each other in the 1974 World Cup., made in Germany. Eventually, to guarantee hydration levels within certain limits, the Mercedes O 302 prepared to serve the teams of each nation, made beer available to the athletes. Something that would undoubtedly surprise any Qatari today.

The Mercedes bus that “cheered on” the soccer players in the 1974 World Cup was based on a model that began to be manufactured in 1965 and of which more than 32,000 units were manufactured. None of the 16 (one for each team) that were rigorously decorated for the Soccer World Cup in Germany lasted, since, at the end of the competition, they returned to the usual transport service.🇧🇷 In other words, the names of the players that identify the respective seat and the inscription WM74, from the Weltmeisterschaft 74 (World Cup 1974, in German) no longer appear on the rear window. The World Cup mascots, little Tip and Tap hugging and waving, also made an appearance, to convey the image of the ball linking East and West Germany.

Interested in recovering this fragment of her history, Mercedes tried to make the replica that this article illustrates. The “beer bus”, if we can call it that, is on display in the brand’s museum., showing the decoration created for the German team, with the identification of the team on the front and on the side, as well as the colors of the country’s flag, two elements that varied from bus to bus. In addition, emissions were not yet considered a problem, so the trip was left to a diesel engine, with powers between 126 and 240 hp.

At the time, the cassette was different, and the song was playing on a Blaupunkt radio.because multimedia centers were still far from appearing. And the beer that disappears (from the party among fans)…

out of curiosity, Hyundai agreed with FIFA to promote more sustainable mobility, which is why it is in force with 100% electric models such as the Ioniq 5, the Genesis G80 and G70 EV, and the hybrids Sonata, Tucson and Kauai (there Kona). These are the vehicles available for FIFA elements and VIPs, while journalists are transported in Elec City’s battery buses. But who really The lion’s share in zero-emission passenger transport is held by China’s Yutong, from whom Qatar has ordered no less than a thousand electric buses.of which 741 have already been delivered. Guaranteed, without that faucet…

Source: Observadora

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