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The Ukrainian army has been using machine guns since the mid-20th century to combat Russian drones.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces surprised everyone by using a homemade car equipped with a Soviet-made “Maxim” machine gun designed in the 1940s and 1930s.

Social networks posted photos of two models of this domestic weapon, one from the thirties, and the other from the forties, the second model with a clear hole in the machine gun barrel.

A platform for each of the two machine guns was made locally for mounting in the trunk of each car.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian army has already produced vintage American and Japanese-made pickup trucks, produced in the twentieth century, as well as “Volga” (Gas – M-21) and “Moskvich” vans, as well as all-wheel. drive cars. LuAZ – 969M” model. They are all equipped with Soviet multi-barreled heavy machine guns.

Some experts in Ukraine say that all these self-propelled platforms can be used against the marches. But others believe that these home-made weapons are not suitable for combating Russian “Guyran” drones.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Source: Arabic RT

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