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Musk announces the return of ‘Apple’ to advertise on ‘Twitter’

Elon Musk, the new owner of “Twitter”, announced on Sunday that “Apple” continued to “fully” broadcast its ads on the platform, according to the news agency “Bloomberg”.

“Apple” is the largest advertiser in the social network, noting that this statement, which the agency describes as “a further reduction in tensions between the two most influential technology companies in the world,” was made by Musk in an interview via Twitter Spaces on Saturday. . its participation.

Musk previously criticized Apple for stopping ads on Twitter and asked if Apple “hates free speech in America.”

Musk launched a social media poll on whether Apple should publish the full list of censorship measures affecting its customers.

Musk previously mentioned the “threats” of the “Apple” company removing “Twitter” from the “App Store” app store, but after meeting with “Apple” CEO Tim Cook, he announced that the latter has been confirmed. He said he had no intention of removing “Twitter” from the app store, and rumors spread because of a tweet that caused a misunderstanding between the two parties, which Musk later deleted.

Since Musk acquired Twitter, several companies, including General Mills and Pfizer, have stopped advertising on the platform amid uncertainty over whether Twitter will review its policies to combat hate speech and misinformation. On Saturday, Musk tweeted that he thanked advertisers for returning to Twitter.

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