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Russia is developing an innovative engine for racing cars

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced that city experts are working on developing an innovative engine for racing cars.

On his Telegram channel, Sobyanin said: “The electric car sector in Moscow is developing rapidly and this year an innovative engine will be developed especially for car races and the first car that will work on this engine will be will do. It will be tested in a race on Lake Baikal, and the car will try to break the speed record.” Such tests are essential for the later mass production of the new engines and the vehicles that will power them.”

“The cars we will make will be environmentally friendly. Russian designers and manufacturers will select the components of these vehicles. This project will greatly help the development of modern domestic engineering and help replace imports in the automotive field.” electric vehicle production.

“Moscow has become a center of attraction for high-tech industries in the field of electric transport, and more than 40 companies have participated in this area and about 87 billion rubles have been invested in it, and the city in return is supports these companies by providing them with special benefits and conveniences,” said Sobyanin.

Source: 1prime.ru

Source: Arabic RT

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