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“Fundamental” that the next Director General of Health be a public health doctor, says the FNAM

The National Federation of Physicians (FNAM) defended this Tuesday a reinforcement of the investment in the media of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) and considered “essential” that the next director general be a specialist in public health.

The FNAM cannot fail to recall the need to reinforce investment in the DGS media, which in 2019 had less than a third of the necessary professionals, strongly diminishing the conditions to deal with the pandemic”, the union structure advanced. it’s a statement. .

According to FNAM, the daily role of the DGS And yours managing Director as a national health authority, in the definition of norms and guidelines for the promotion of public health and the prevention of diseases and in the coordination of epidemiological surveillance”,can not continue to be on the sidelines for the goverment”.

In addition, the federation considered “essential that the position of general director of Health will continue to be cared for by a Public Health doctor”, alleging that this will allow” guaranteeing the functions inherent to the national health authority using the best knowledge and technical-scientific practices.

At the end of 2022, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the general director of health, Graça Freitas, who finished her term at that time, expressed her desire to protect do not renew appointmentbut remaining in office until his replacement.

About Graça Freitas, the FNAM”praised” the work carried out during his tenure, in particular in the “difficult fight against the Covid-19 pandemic”, also congratulating her on the recent attribution of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit by the President of the Republic.

Public Health specialist, Graça Freitas took over as General Director of Health on January 1, 2018, replacing the doctor Francisco George, who reached the age limit.

Before replacing Francisco George, Graça Freitas was already Deputy Director General of Health, having coordinated the National Vaccination Program.

Source: Observadora

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