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Polestar 2 improves front end, power and range. Not only

Polestar, the manufacturer that has its headquarters in Sweden, capital and factories in China and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, surprised the market with the presentation of the renewed Polestar 2. In one fell swoop, the sedan -which is presented as a competitor to models such as the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i4- improves the chemistry of the batteries and increases their capacity (in the Long Range version), also increasing power, starting capacity and autonomy. In the process, he reserves a few extra surprises for his customers, change engine location in single engine and changing behavior of the model in versions with two engines and AWD traction.

The change in the model that stands out the most and in which this remodeling if it is compatible new grill, which is no longer open as before, but now seems closed, so it is not only more aerodynamic, but it is also in line with the aesthetic solution initiated by the Polestar 3 and which the brand calls Smart Zone, since it includes a number of sensors. From the revealed photos, no further changes are evident to the exterior of the model, and the builder claims more equipmentboth entertainment and driver assistance.

The batteries do not increase much, but they are better.

Determined to improve autonomy, to which customers are increasingly sensitive, regardless of charging speed, Polestar continues to offer the 2 with two packages of different batteries, the Standard and the Long Range. The first maintains the capacity at 69 kWh, so that the second goes from 78 to 82 kWh (5.1% more).

This is the Polestar 2 that the brand sells until the arrival of the new version, scheduled for the 3rd quarter of the year

But the most important thing is changes in battery chemistry, which makes them more efficient and capable of recharging with higher powers, the small battery being assembled with South Korean LG cells, while the Long Range prefers those of the Chinese CATL. One of the advantages is that As standard, which until now recharged at 116 kW, can now be powered at 135 kWthat expedites stops at the charging station. In the Long Range the gain is even greater, since it goes from the previous 155 kW to 205 kW in DC (direct current), and AC (alternating current) all remain at 11 kW.

More power with the rear in favor.

There are no great novelties in the Polestar 2 range, which continues to offer a cheaper version, the Standard Single Motor, in addition to three other versions, all of them with a Long Range battery, which could be associated with a single motor (in the Single Motor), or for two (on Dual Motor and Dual Motor with Performance Pack).

The Standard Single Motor, the most accessible in the range, stopped installing the engine on the front axle, moving it to the rear, becoming a RWD, the manufacturer pursuing a more efficient and fun behavior. But thanks to new motors and inverters, the 2 is more efficient, allowing it to announce a range of 518 km, instead of the previous 478 km. But it’s not just these 40km extra that make the cheaper Polestar 2 more appealing, as power also rises, from 231bhp to 299bhp, with torque shots from 330Nm to 490Nm and the 0-100 drop. km/ha of 7.4. to 6.2 seconds.

The Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor maintains the same motor, but now associated with an 82 kWh battery, which explains the very interesting 635 km of autonomy, instead of the previous 551 km. The long-range dual-motor AWD all-wheel drive is more appealing, too, even the version that gains the most compared to the current ones, increasing autonomy by 105 km. All because in addition to the new, more efficient and powerful engines (they go from the current 408 hp to 421 hp and from 660 Nm to 740 Nm), the front engine shuts down to save energy, when driving with little pressure on the accelerator, for example on the highway, which allows you to travel 592 km between recharges, instead of 487 km.

The sportiest of the Polestar 2s, the Long Range Dual Engine with Performance Pack maintains 476 hp, but sees the torque rise from 680 to 740 Nm, which makes the 0-100 km/h drop from 4.4 to 4.2 seconds. Even so, the autonomy is increased from 467 to 592 km.

The refreshed Polestar 2 can now be ordered in most European markets, with deliveries expected between July and September 2023.

Source: Observadora

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