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More than 100 students will plant 600 oak trees in Parque das Serras do Porto

More than 100 students from Gondomar, Paredes and Valongo will plant 600 oak trees in a two-hectare area of ​​Parque das Serras do Porto, in a reforestation action included in the Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) project, it was announced this Tuesday.

The action involves about 150 children of 5th and 6th years from schools in the three municipalities of the Porto district, who, on Wednesday, will plant trees at the confluence of the three municipalities located on Rua do Belói (N29-1). , in Place of Aguiar, in Aguiar de Sousa (Paredes).

Promoted by the Association of Municipalities of Parque das Serras do Porto, this initiative falls within the scope of a broader REN project. The goal is to plant 11,000 oak trees in 42 hectares of the Parque das Serras do Porto until the end of the year.

Action scheduled for 11:00 am aims to celebrate the Day of the Native Forest that was commemorated on November 23, when this initiative was postponed due to bad weather.

At the same time, REN plans to donate a 4×4 vehicle to the Association of Municipalities of Parque das Serras do Porto to support projects promoting native forests and fire prevention.

“The action aims to make young people aware of the importance of preserving this green space that belongs to everyone. It encourages the promotion of native forests and, at the same time, fire prevention”, says the president of the Association of Municipalities of Parque das Serras do Porto, which includes Paredes, Gondomar and Valongo.

Quoted in the statement sent to the Lusa news agency, Alexandre Almeida, who is also mayor of Paredes, points out that “Parque das Serras do Porto is the largest lung of the Porto Metropolitan Area.”

“It is undoubtedly a priority in the environmental agenda of the North of the country,” he concluded.

The executive director of REN, João Faria Conceição, when guaranteeing that “the defense of the native forest is a priority for REN, which owns 23,000 hectares of easement inserted in forest spaces”, points out that the company works “daily in the management of these areas , which include cleaning and reforestation with native species, increasing the biodiversity and resilience of the forest”.

“By 2025, the REN intends to reforest 50% of its easement areas in forest,” he said. Since 2009, REN has donated 90 vehicles for the prevention of forest fires.

Six dozen were donated to Volunteer Firefighters and three to civil protection fire prevention teams from local authorities.

The Parque das Serras do Porto Commonwealth of Municipalities reminds us that the native forest is made up of trees native to the territory itself, being, therefore, more adapted to soil and climate conditions, and therefore more resistant to pests , diseases, periods of drought or heavy rains, than other introduced species.

In addition, they are home to native animal species, many of which are also on the verge of extinction. Native forests, while slower growing, are also often more resilient and resistant to forest fires.

Source: Observadora

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