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From gigantic to exorbitant? BMW’s new grill

Grid and pain. These are two words that can be put together when talking about BMW’s stylistic option to grow its front grill, to the point of arousing the disgust of some followers of the brand, displeased with the continuous increase in size of the characteristic double-shaped component. kidney But other indefectible from the German manufacturer defend precisely the opposite, recognizing that the gigantic grill contributes enormously to reinforce the identity of the models., from the small X1 to the large 7 Series, including the new 100% electric vehicles from the German manufacturer. Now it is known that, apparently immune to the controversy surrounding the grid of discord, BMW plans to make it grow (even) more.

Sketches patented by the brand and released by Auto Express reveal that its design team is focused on giving a new “face” to future BMW models, which includes a front grill so large that it makes the current one look little. According to the documentation sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization for the registration of patents, the grid that the next launches of the brand will potentially wear is not only intended to impact the eye. From one end of the vehicle to the other, it will include the light clusters, as well as some of the hardware that supports the operation of the security and driving assistance systems (ADAS, for its acronym in English). Advanced driver assistance systems).

The information in the file suggests that, with this option, BMW intends to associate striking styling with a suite of technological innovations, to the extent that the new grille is supposed to integrate what the brand calls “Light Driving Technology”, solution that not only supports information light projection to other road users, from drivers to pedestrians, but also supports different light signature patterns for calls daytime running lights. Equally synonymous with sophistication is the fact that the brand expects that the construction of its future grill includes a material that allows it to go from transparent to opaque and vice versa.

Are you ready for the interior of your BMW to look like this?

It remains to wait for the next moves in Munich to clarify how far BMW is willing to go stylistically. But judging by the “premonition” of its CEO, The future of modern cars inevitably involves breaking with hitherto conventional elements, such as screens. Oliver Zipse said he thinks these will go away and be replaced by a top screen just like the grille sketched in these drawings: gigantic, taking up the entire width of the windshield. And the brand is already working on it…

Source: Observadora

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