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Brazil prohibits the use of vertebrate animals in cosmetic industry tests

The Brazilian government on Wednesday banned the use of vertebrate animals in laboratory tests by the cosmetics, perfume and personal hygiene industry.

The measure prevents dogs, cats, rabbits, mice (rats) and the like from being used in “scientific research, development and quality control” cosmetic products, perfumes and personal hygiene items.

The resolution, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, does not exclude tests in this type of industry which will continue to be carried out in humans and does not harm the development of vaccines or medicines in the health area.

With the measure, the cosmetics, perfume and toiletries industries will have to adopt alternative methods recognized by the National Council for the Control of Animal Experimentationagency of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The regulation was approved last year by the Brazilian Congress and determines that the the adaptation of companies to this type of alternative methods should not exceed two years.

The process in Congress gained momentum in 2013, when activists rescued 178 dogs and seven rabbits used as guinea pigs in a laboratory in the state of São Paulo to test new products for the cosmetics and perfumery industry.

Source: Observadora

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