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The expulsion of the faceless baby doctor had to do with “five or six” more cases

The president of the Order of Physicians (OM) explained this Wednesday that the expulsion of the obstetrician of the Setúbal baby who was born with malformations in 2019 it had to do, not only with this case, but with “five or six more.”

Miguel Guimarães was speaking with Lusa after visiting the Beatriz Ângelo hospital, in Loures (Lisbon district), where he was accompanied by the general secretary of the Independent Union of Doctors, Roque da Cunha, and the union leader of the National Federation of Doctors (FNAM). Russian Tanya.

Arturo Carvalho isDefinitive prohibition to exercise any professional medical act. on March 1, 2023, by decision of the Superior Council dated November 29, 2022, which carried out the execution of said sanction”, read a public notice released this Wednesday by OM.

The circumstances do not have to do with the fact that the case is more or less in the media, but with a serious error in the performance of an obstetric ultrasound performed at a fundamental moment”, said Miguel Guimarães.

The official recalled that “it was not the doctor who caused the injuries”stressing that they are congenital, but explained that doctors perform ultrasound scans “to understand if there are serious changes that may attract attention so that the mother can decide if, even so, you want to have the child or if you want to abort”.

This error was evaluated by the Southern Region Disciplinary Council [da Ordem dos Médico]that gave him an expulsion sanction, I think that was the final sanction, not only for that case, but for the accumulation of cases that he already had,” he said.

The official also added that the Disciplinary Council of the Southern Region “evaluated the five or six cases that there were about the doctor in question and, as a whole, applied the sanction of expulsion that was later ratified by the Superior Council.”

As part of a disciplinary process, the OM informs that the doctor “Artur Fernando Silvério de Carvalho, with professional license no. 18691, was sanctioned with the disciplinary sanction of expulsion by sentence issued by the South Regional Disciplinary Council on November 23, 2021″.

The baby, Rodrigo, was born on October 7, 2019 at the Hospital de São Bernardo, in the Centro Hospitalar de Setúbal, with several serious malformations, such as missing eyes, nose and part of the skull, without the doctor Artur Carvalho, who performed pregnancy follow-up ultrasounds, had detected or signaled a problem to the parents.

The obstetrician who performed the ultrasound in a private unit, Ecosado, already had five ongoing complaints with the Medical College, some since 2013.

In that month of October, on the 18th, the President of the Order of Doctors, Miguel Guimarães, announced that he was going to file a complaint with the Southern Regional Disciplinary Board on this case and “urgently request the opening of a process.”

Four days later, the obstetrician informed the president that he had decided to suspend the performance of ultrasound scans during pregnancy until the conclusion of the processes being analyzed by the Southern Disciplinary Council, which on that day determined the preventive suspension of the doctor for a period. six months.

The case of the faceless baby led to the opening of a survey of the Setúbal Hospital Centerto determine if all the procedures in the delivery of the baby were performed correctly.

According to this hospital unit, the monitoring of the pregnancy of the mother of the baby was not carried out at the Hospital de São Bernardo.

Source: Observadora

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