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Honda reveals a hybrid CR-V with 800 hp

After a few weeks of teaserHonda finally showed the CR-V Hybrid Racer, an experimental competition model that mounts a hybrid mechanics that consumes 100% sustainable fuel and provides 800 CV. Developed and produced by Honda Performance Development (HPD), this Hybrid Racer has an outwardly curious resemblance to the standard CR-V, after much gymnastics and steroids.

Actually, this HPD vehicle is a laboratory on wheels aimed at finding solutions for (very) sporty vehicles, but with relatively small, cheap and low-polluting engines. Hence, according to the president of HPD, David Salters, the engine of this Hybrid Racer is the 2.2 V6 of the Japanese brand, here powered by two turbochargers and capable of burning 100% sustainable gasoline developed by Shell.

As a hybrid that it is, It is known that the V6 will be powered by electric motors, but it is unknown how many and where they will be placed, although the probability points to the mounting halfway between the V6 and the Xtrac six-speed box, both in a central rear position, where the rear seat of the CR-V usually is. It is known, however, that in view of the great energy that needs to be stored when braking, to provide it at the next moment when accelerating, HPD chose to replace the usual battery with a supercapacitora solution similar to that used by Lamborghini in the Sián.

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As well as this 2.2 V6 biturbo hybrid which, by all indications, it will be the basis of the unit that Honda will use in its IndyCar from 2024, the CR-V Hybrid Racer brings some new features inside, in addition to the external similarities with the SUV that the Japanese manufacturer sells to its customers. The base of the chassis is tubular, reinforced at the bottom with carbon fiber, the upper part being made up of elements modeled on the CR-V, but in fiber supported by tubular structures.

Conceived as a racing car, the Hybrid Racer has numerous and generous air intakes to cool radiators and brakes, as well as a series of hot air extractors to ensure the necessary ventilation. And in addition to the doors that open almost like a butterfly, the rear and front covers are removed to facilitate access for mechanics during pit interventions. EITHER dissident The front end and the huge rear wing ensure that the 800 hp are all put on the asphaltIt only remains to hope that Honda uses the lessons learned for its next supercar, which will necessarily have to be electrified.

Source: Observadora

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