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The “Tesla killer” has become more beautiful and sophisticated

Xpeng has introduced its new car, which will compete with Tesla electric vehicles in every aspect.

The new Xpeng P7i has an elegant body with a very unique design, which is considered quite aerodynamic, 4 meters long and 88 centimeters long, 189 cm wide, 145 cm high and the distance between the axles of wheel is 299 cm.

In addition to its elegant exterior, the car has a very unique cabin and a sophisticated driving interface without traditional buttons, equipped only with a panel containing large touchscreens from which all the vehicle’s technology can be controlled.

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And this car has improved the internal electronics as the Snapdragon 820A processor has been replaced by the advanced Snapdragon 8155P processor and equipped with Xmart OS 4.0 technologies and voice commands control features have also been improved.

It is designed to have the best safety standards as it is equipped with advanced sensors to prevent collisions with people and vehicles on the roads, a blind spot system to prevent accidents, and cameras that provide of environmental security. The appearance of the structure is supported by light and rain sensors, front and rear distance sensors.

Base versions come with rear-wheel drive and 276 hp electric motors, while all-wheel drive versions will be launched with 430 and 472 hp electric motors.

Source: moto1

Source: Arabic RT

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