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You can’t even imagine the hours it takes to paint a Bugatti

The Bugatti Chiron is respected and admired for all reasons and more. Most of the tricks have to do with the sophistication of the mechanics, an impressive 8-liter engine with 16 cylinders arranged in a “W” shape, powered by four turbochargers, which in the less powerful version delivers 1,500 hp. But the French manufacturer of the Volkswagen Group now reminds us that there are other no less impressive details in your Chiron

Something as simple as paint, which covers all vehicles for sale on the market, rises to an almost unimaginable level in a hypercar sold for €2.5 million, before tax. As expected, after building a model like the Chiron, with a carbon fiber chassis and equipped with the aforementioned W16, Bugatti ensures that the painting is also a source of pride, announcing that it invests between 600 and 700 hours per vehicle.

Bugatti paint expert Simon Vetterling says applying paint to such an exclusive and expensive vehicle is a delicate operationsince the coating needs to be up to the task of everything else, from mechanics to aerodynamics, going through the suspensions and the transmission, capable of putting between 1,500 and 1,850 CV on the asphalt. And Vetterling recalls that even before the first coat of primer is applied, every square inch of the body is thoroughly checked, looking for any kind of imperfection.

The primer coat is applied and then sanded perfectly smooth, and then it’s time to apply a first coat of primer, which is sanded again, followed by more paint and more sand. At this stage, each Chiron has consumed around 200 hours just to get here. The next phase is to apply the final color, which is then polished for four days until the Bugatti is finally taken to the tunnel of light, where it is analyzed in detail, the only explanation for staying there for 10 hours. And only then, if everything is perfect, is the Chiron delivered to your customer.

Source: Observadora

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