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Kia shows the EV5 Concept, the SUV “brother” of the new EV9

The EV6 was the first of Kia’s electric cars to hit the market designed on a specific platform for exclusively battery-powered vehicles, but the manufacturer is committed to expanding this solution as soon as possible. Thus, a week after presenting the new top of the range EV9, an SUV with angular lines, three rows of seats and seven seats, Kia showed its younger brother, the EV5.

The first photos of the EV5, still a concept, were revealed during what the brand calls Kia Chinese EV Day, making clear the importance of the Chinese market for the South Korean manufacturer. The EV5 resorts to an aesthetic solution close to that exhibited by the EV9albeit with enough differences to be easy to distinguish both front and rear, with the side showing an obviously shorter SUV.

The most expensive Kia is electric and has seven seats

For now, the EV5 still includes a number of solutions that are only viable in concept, but then disappear when the model becomes the final version and goes into series production. But that doesn’t stop Kia from planning to launch the EV5. still in 2023 on the Chinese market, with plans for the remaining markets yet to be announced. However, it would be unthinkable that Kia would not take advantage of all the development carried out on this EV5 to propose a 100% battery-powered SUV with dimensions close to a Sportage.

The EV5 platform will be E-GMP from Hyundai Motor Group, identical to the EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, without the manufacturer having revealed whether it will use the system at 800V, one or two motors, as well as the capacity of the battery. But Kia’s vice president of global design, Karim Habib, said he was absolutely calm about the acceptance that the model’s outlines will garner among potential customers.

Source: Observadora

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