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And how about doing the last mile in a Mercedes-AMG?

Mercedes aspires to become a 100% electric manufacturer by 2030, so shows interest in different alternatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, including battery-powered mobility solutions specially designed for use in cities or over short distances, when the car can be a nuisance and it is necessary to complete the last stretch of the journey comfortably, safely and with zero emissions. reflection of that is the partnership with Swiss Micro Mobility Systems, Microlino’s “talians”, to launch an electric scooter with a 500 W motor, 9.6 Ah battery and weighing 14.7 kg.. All this with the (sportier) AMG image, finished in matt black and rotating grips, for around €1,400.

The so-called Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter, as usual in this type of micromobility solution, folds easily to store it in the trunk and its weight means that carrying it by hand is not exactly a difficult task. This scooter reaches a maximum speed of 20 km/h, and the throttle response is not done with the thumb, as is usual in this class of vehicle. On this AMG, you have to turn the handle. to promote progress, increasing security at the base: the footboard is wide and non-slip. When braking, you simply unroll your grip or apply the drum brake on the rear wheel or the foot brake on the fender. Front and rear lights and side reflectors help signal the vehicle to other road users in low-light or no-light conditions.

Limited to a maximum distance of 40 km in Eco mode or just 25 km in Sport mode, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter has individually adjustable front and rear suspension., 20 cm diameter tires and ergonomic handlebar with telescopic function, to adjust to the size of the user. On a small screen it is possible to see the instantaneous speed, the state of charge of the battery and the selected driving mode, being able to complement this information in a smartphone with recourse to application Micro. Check it out at information box above the technical data.

Source: Observadora

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