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Beira Baixa’s lawyer responds for having identified the mother in proceedings filed against clients

The Coimbra Prosecutor’s Office (MP) announced this Friday that it had filed charges against a lawyer, from Beira Baixa, who identified his mother as the driver responsible for traffic violations related to records made against his clients.

According to the website of the Coimbra District Prosecutor’s Office, the lawyer from Beira Baixa will be responsible for the commission of more than a hundred crimes of document falsification and slanderous denunciation in the field of traffic offences.

The Public Ministry accuses the employees of the Chamber of Pedrógão Grande for alleged embezzlement

The facts are related with antecedents raised against their clients, natural or legal personsas a result of which the defendant, in exchange for remuneration, provided false information to the ANSR [Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária]identifying the mother herself as the responsible driver in each of the situations”, he described.

According to the Coimbra Prosecutor’s Office, this practice by the lawyer led to the preparation of new administrative infraction orders, in the name of his mother, some of which culminated in a conviction.

“With the performance described, the defendant was able to immediately hold the actual offenders harmless, making the punitive action of the State unfeasible, while attracting clients”, he highlighted. The investigation was carried out by the Judicial Police (PJ) of Coimbra.

Source: Observadora

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