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This is how DS sees the inside of its (future) models

DS Automobiles shares with the general public the vision that results from joint work carried out by its design and product teams and that, for the moment, illustrates how the brand premium of the Stellantis group aims to be the bulwark of the “art of travel”, designing the interior of their future models. Called My 21, this base that slightly lifts the veil tomorrow aboard a DS was presented in Paris, within the framework of the Révélations international biennial of artistic and creative crafts, an event that takes place between June 7 and 11 at the Grand Palais Ephemere.

Although we immediately associate the sequence “lights, camera, action” with a film, in this manifesto the song is different, although the final result seems to be taken from a fictional film.. According to the brand, what we are now given to see as a glimpse of the future focuses on exploring “light, volumes, sound, immersion and the artistic dimension”. It will be in this quintet where the foundations of the interior of future DS models will be laid., and the combination of these five elements will tend to evolve towards solutions that today we would consider unfeasible. This is the case of the circles of the doors, which become rings of light; or sound, which is limited to a single central element. But the avant-garde exercise of the DS goes further and insists on an idea that is not new: it is necessary to put an end to the screens on board. This is also how BMW sees the future, with DS already beginning to test a less intrusive interior line in 2020, with the concept Aero Sport Room. Now the intention evolves towards “an innovative solution” that consists of projecting the information on a opaque panel that becomes transparent“reveal the materials”, when inactive.

Are you ready for the interior of your BMW to look like this?

According to DS Automobiles design director Thierry Metroz, the Mi 21 is a work base to be taken seriously because, unlike a Selfconcept, “most items have to be production ready”adding that “the manifestos make reality” the vision of “a product of the future” and serve after “framework”. But when will this vision materialize? For now, it is testing the waters to evaluate the receptivity of the public, but DS itself assumes that this base “establishes a five-year plan, the period necessary to develop future models that will reach the market before the end of the decade.”

Source: Observadora

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