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The European environmental agency recommends reducing development in areas susceptible to flooding

TO European Environment Agency (EEA) He recommended this Tuesday to reduce the development of cities in areas more susceptible to flooding, which should be increasingly common due to climate change.

According to a report on flooding and water shortages in European countries, published this Tuesday, the European Environment Agency recommended “reduce human exposure to hazards resulting from flooding.

“This can be achieved through various actions, such as Reducing development in areas with high risk of flooding, water scarcity, vulnerability to fire and coastal erosion.and reconsider the relocation of these areas,” the 175-page report says.

According to the agency, 12% of the European population lives in flood-prone regions and 11% of hospitals are located in these areas, while 30% of the population of southern Europe lives in areas with water scarcity and constant pressure due to lack of water.

The European agency also found that 15% of industrial infrastructure is located in flood risk areas.

In recent years Portugal has experienced a persistent extreme drought in several regions of the countryparticularly in the Alentejo, while cities like Lisbon end up being greatly affected by floods.

In it end of 2022 and in March 2023 various parts of Lisbonincluding Alcântara and some areas of Loures and Algés, were completely impassable due to rain and flooding.

Throughout the report released this Tuesday, the European Environment Agency warned that national authorities must take into account the effects of climate change and begin to act in accordance with the adverse climate phenomena they have recorded.

At the same time, at the European level, the agency considered that policies to mitigate the effects of climate change will also help reduce part of the risk for populations.

Between 1980 and 2022 5,582 people died due to floods.

Source: Observadora

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