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Demolitions on the coast of Esposende must be carried out with the understanding of the population

The Secretary of State for the Environment stated, this Wednesday, that the demolition of 180 buildings in Esposende, planned in the Coastal Program, will be carried out in agreement with the population, guaranteeing not to enter “anyone’s house and demolish.”

“They want me to say that I am going to demolish everything. Let’s not do that. Let’s do it reflexively, with the participation of the populations. We have to make people understand what is happening and understand the needs. We’re not going to go into anyone’s house and demolish it. We will always do it in understanding with the people.“said Emídio Sousa, speaking to journalists.

The Secretary of State for the Environment and Energy, Emídio Sousa, accompanied the demolition work of a beach bar, in Apúlia, in the municipality of Esposende (Braga district), and visited some of the places at risk due to coastal erosion.

In force since August 2021, the POC-CE identifies 46 critical areas, determining the planned removal of dozens of homes and the protection of Praia Internacional de Porto, next to the Transparent Building, whose demolition, like three dozen other buildings, was initially planned. planned.

In the Critical Zone of Cedovém/Pedrinhas (Esposende), the demolition of 89 homes, more than fifty outbuildings and seven restaurants is planned, a plan that has been questioned by residents who claim that the objectives of the demolition of homes in Cedovém are not is clear, defending that constructions such as the Ofir Towers, whose removal is not a cause for concern, are “significant environmental attacks.”

The governor, who will meet in the afternoon with the mayor of Esposende to learn about the situation in that municipality, said that there are situations in which they will try to maintain the dune, reiterating his commitment to working with the people.

“We will listen to the parties, we will see what the situations of conflict and difficulty are so that in the coming months we will try to find a consensual solution,” he stated.

According to Emídio Sousa, given the current dynamics on the coast, the Government’s strategy will be one of defense and not withdrawal, although, “in one situation or another”, this may be necessary.

Considering the issue of financing to be critical when it comes to interventions worth tens of millions of euros, the person in charge reiterated that any intervention must be considered, recalling that “almost all the interventions that have been carried out on the coast in recent years have had their advantages, but they also had their disadvantages.”

Before journalists, the mayor of Esposende, Benjamim Pereira, recalled that, in the case of Cedovém, there is already a project with a favorable opinion from the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), which provides for the total demolition of the houses.

“They will only be demolished when we have a place to relocate people, no one will go out into the streets”he assured, remembering that this relocation will be guaranteed through the local housing strategy.

The mayor has been warning about the serious erosion problems along the entire coastline of the municipality of Esposende, with special attention to the beaches of Barra, Bonanças, Pedrinhas and Cedovém.

For Benjamim Pereira, the seriousness of the situation requires concrete and urgent measures to stop the advance of the sea, which is causing the disappearance of large areas of dunes, putting several homes at risk.

“We have differences in level of around 10 meters and houses at risk, so it is urgent to make decisions,” he argued.

Source: Observadora

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