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ZERO defends more climate agreements like the one between Portugal and Cape Verde

A year after the signing of the climate agreement between Portugal and Cape Verde, the ZERO association defended this Thursday the extension of this type of agreement to other developing countries that have contracted debt from the Portuguese State.

A year ago, Portugal and Cape Verde signed a climate agreement in Lisbon that gave rise to the creation of the Climate and Environment Fund through the conversion of 12 million euros of debt contracted by that country from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) to the Portuguese State.

For ZERO, “the effectiveness and transparency in the application of funds, the involvement of Cape Verdean civil society and its training, the promotion of the participation of Cape Verdean institutions in the production and application of climate action instruments and the reinforcement of amounts involved.”

The extension of this type of agreement to other developing countries that have contracted debt with the Portuguese State should be seriously considered as long as the implementation on the ground of measures to reduce emissions and adapt to the effects of ongoing climate change can be guaranteed. ”the report reads. statement from the association, in relation to World Refugee Day, which is celebrated this Thursday.

The association also states that “there is another historical debt, which results from the emission of greenhouse gases during the last 150 years, when polluting emissions into the atmosphere derived from the industrial revolution began to take expression.”

“The most dramatic consequences of the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere and ocean are those that are permanent and of great magnitude. “The acceleration of desertification processes in subtropical regions or the salinization of soils and aquifers causes greater losses of arable land, a reduction in the potential for food production and the worsening of economic crises that, in some cases, degenerate into conflicts,” the statement reads. .

Source: Observadora

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