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Portugal uses 80% of its monkfish quota and fishing could be closed “in the short term”

Portugal used 80% of its monkfish fishing quota and these catches could be banned “in the short term”, warned the General Directorate of Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services (DGRM).

“Considering the current level of discharges carried out by the Portuguese fishing fleet, in zones eight c, nine and 10 and EU waters of CECAF zone 34.1.1. it is reported that quota usage reached 80%“, reads a note from the DGRM.

Subzones eight c, nine and 10 correspond, respectively, to the south of the Bay of Biscay, Portuguese waters and the coast of the Azores.

Given this scenario, The DGRM warned that it may be necessary, “in the short term, to close this fishery”.

The DGRM is a central service of direct administration of the State, with administrative autonomy, whose objective is the development of maritime security and services, the implementation of fishing policies and the preservation of resources.

Source: Observadora

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