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A recommendation is raised against bathing on Matosinhos beach

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) lifted the recommendation against bathing on the beaches of Matosinhos, in force since Tuesday due to microbiological contamination, the city council reported this Thursday.

“The counteranalysis carried out by the APA showed normal parameters in the microbiological activity of the water at Matosinhos beach, so it is now considered suitable for bathing,” the municipality stated, in a statement sent to Lusa.

Swimming at Matosinhos beach, in the district of Porto, was inadvisable since Tuesday due to microbiological values ​​higher than the reference parameters in the water, a situation that generated criticism from the PSD and the Movimento António Parada, SIM.

The municipality guaranteed that it permanently monitors and monitors the quality of the water in that bathing area The Action Plan to Improve Water Quality in Matosinhos and international beaches is being put into practice.

This plan, which includes different actions, aims to detect, characterize and resolve anomalies that may alter the quality of the water in the bathing area, he explained.

Among the measures is the plan for the rehabilitation and ecological valorization of the Riguinha and Carcavelos rivers and the creation of the municipal rainwater registry, he listed.

The city Hallled by the socialist Luísa Salgueiro, He highlighted that the municipal rainwater registry is “an exhaustive work” that allows him to know in detail the entire rainwater network..

“This work is fundamental for the phase that is now being carried out and which consists of detecting and inventorying critical points of contamination in water drainage systems in urban systems or in natural environments,” he highlighted.

Regarding the Riguinha River, the chamber said it installed a pioneering Australian technology there that promotes the decontamination of water resources through natural bioremediation (biostimulation), through substrate plates that promote the selective growth of endogenous biomass in the environment. aquatic, improving the self-purification capacity and the quality of water resources.

The result of the implementation of this new technology should be known within four to six weeks, he highlighted.

At the same time, Municipal technicians work to detect inadequate connections to the stormwater network approaching the respective owners of the matrix articles to correct these situations, he highlighted.

“This is a job that requires a lot of time, that requires the collaboration of private parties, but that the municipality believes will be accepted by the population,” he added.

In addition, the chamber plans to develop awareness-raising and environmental education campaigns aimed at the population, schools, companies and civil society organizations.

Source: Observadora

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