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Azores: new network of marine areas withdrawn due to “formal issues”

The Government of the Azores withdrew the proposal that had been presented to the Regional Assembly on the new network of marine protected areas for “formal issues and not content,” an executive source told the Lusa agency.

The same source added that the withdrawal of the proposal is related to the “correction of a formal issue” detected by the executive of the Azores (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM), and with the content of the modifications to the regional legislative decree that regulates the marine park of the Azores.

“This is only a formal issue related to the formulation of the document,” indicated the government source, highlighting that the withdrawal of the proposal is due to a correction in the wording of the document.

This Thursday, The PS expressed “perplexity” at the initiative that aims to define the new Network of Marine Protected Areas of the Azores (RAMP), having been withdrawn “just five days after being delivered to the Regional Assembly”.

In a statement, the socialists considered that the “hasty withdrawal of a diploma of this importance” and “without any explanation raises many doubts about the entire process”, which has been “marked by several adventures and contradictions.”

“We were surprised, because we have persistently questioned the Regional Government about this matter and we have never been able to obtain a clear answer on how it intends to expand the marine protected areas,” said the PS/Açores deputy, Joana Pombo Tavares, quoted in the press release. .

On June 14, the Government of the Azores announced that it had presented the new RAMPA proposal to parliament, considering it a “significant step” to protect the region’s sea.

According to the executive, The proposal “defines deadlines for effective implementation and the framework for restructuring the fishing sector and for better monitoring and inspection.”“.

Source: Observadora

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