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Mexico: at least four dead after storm

At least four people died in Mexico after the passage of Tropical Storm Alberto, which hit the north of the country, local authorities reported this Thursday.

Three minors and one adult are the fatal victims of the storm that caused damage to the Nuevo León industrial estateaccording to Civil Protection reports and statements by the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Two children died from electrocution this Wednesday while riding a bicycle in torrential rain in the town of Allende, the Mexican head of state reported in his daily press conference.

The other minor is a teenager who died after being swept away by the water of a river in the city of Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León.

An adult died this Thursday morning while trying to repair the electricity in his home, according to the provisional meteorological assessment released by Civil Protection.

Nine people were also rescued after the breakage of a dam in the town of Santa Catarinaaccording to the same source.

Storm Alberto caused heavy rain between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, before losing strength and becoming a tropical depression.

With winds of 55 kilometers per hour, the bad weather will also cause intense rains in the territory of Nuevo León, located near the border with Texas, United States, indicated the National Water Commission (Conagua).

This organization also warned about the possible occurrence of landslides.

Source: Observadora

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