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Car sales fall 8.4% in June, but tram sales rise 16.1%

The national automobile market is listed 20,193 vehicles in Junewhich represents a 8.4% drop compared to the same period in 2023. In a period when many point to the loss of consumer interest in purchasing purely battery-powered cars (BEV), the sixth month of the year revealed the opposite. While sales of plug-in hybrid models (PHEV) fell by 8.9% and those of hybrids (HEV) fell by 2.8%, 100% electric vehicles recorded a growth of 16.1%. If we consider the national market from January to June, the situation changes, but only slightly, as the Portuguese bought 116,417 new cars, only 5.7% more than in the six months of the previous year. Among electrified vehicles, HEVs saw their sales volume increase by 9.8%, while BEVs grew by 12.5%, although they were outperformed by PHEVs (16.2%).

The total market in the first half, regardless of fuel type, was comfortably led by Peugeot (11,563 units). The French brand is followed by a trio of manufacturers that could not be more different from each other: Renault (8649), Mercedes (8633) and Dacia (8628). Among the four brands that sell the most, the one that grows the most is Mercedes (22.7%), a remarkable performance for a brand premiumwhose models are more sophisticated and expensive. The rest of the top 10 is made up of Citroën (7180), BMW (6994), VW (6383), Toyota (6099), Tesla (5470) and Kia (4484).

In the first half of the year, Tesla continued to dominate sales of electric modelswith 5,470 units, followed by BMW (1,865), Volvo (1,510), Mercedes (1,267), Peugeot (1,022), BYD (943), Citroën (817), MG (751), Audi (728) and VW (704). If we analyse sales exclusively in June, the North American manufacturer maintains the advantage (with 1225 units), but in that month it was followed by Volvo (365), BMW (266), BYD (228), Mercedes (222), VW. (195), Renault (175), MG (156), Peugeot and Cupra, both with 127 units.

Among the vehicles that use plug-in hybrid mechanics, the best-selling brand is Mercedes (3,929 units), followed by BMW (1,858), Volvo (1,355), Peugeot (992), Audi (812), Toyota (570), Kia (566), Land Rover (517), Skoda (494) and Cupra (378). Hybrid vehicles are Toyota’s most successful manufacturerhaving traded 4,484 units from January to June. Shortly after, Fiat (2658), Nissan (2058), Ford (1840), Mercedes (1805), Renault (900), BMW (846), Peugeot (512), Kia (420) and Honda (360) appeared.

Source: Observadora

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