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Restrictions on water consumption in the Algarve will be evaluated at the end of August, announces the minister

The restrictions imposed on water consumption in the Algarve will be reviewed at the end of August, taking into account the situation of the region’s reservoirs at that time, the Environment Minister announced on Wednesday.

“At the end of August there will be another evaluation and, therefore, There may be more restrictions or there may be relief”depending on the water situation in the Algarve reservoirs,” said Maria da Graça Carvalho, heard on Wednesday by the parliamentary committee on the Environment and Energy.

In her responses to the deputies, the minister stated that these restrictions on consumption in the Algarve are evaluated every two months and admitted that, as it is summer, it cannot be expected that they will be eased at the end of August.

“We’ll see. We can make them more flexible, which is not expected because it’s summer, or we can make them more restrictive, if necessary,” said the Minister of Environment and Energy.

The relaxation of restrictions on water consumption in the Algarve was approved in June by the Council of Ministers, a proportional adjustment subject to ongoing evaluation.

The government of António Costa had declared a state of alert in the Algarve region on 5 February due to the drought, but at the end of May, the current Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, announced the easing of restrictions imposed on agriculture and the urban sector. This includes tourism.

At the regulatory hearing on Wednesday, the Minister of Environment and Energy also assured that the Government will maintain support for mining activity and announced the creation of a national strategy for critical and essential raw materials, which “They are very important for the energy transition”.

According to him, this strategy, developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, will define principles to be applied in this area, such as the best technologies in mining exploration projects, the benefit for local populations and the country as a whole and the criteria for a national reference framework.

The decision on licensing the activity, whether in favour or against, should be taken more quickly, said Maria da Graça Carvalho, adding that this will also be one of the points to be included in the national strategy for essential raw materials.

Source: Observadora

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