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Portugal will build a telescope to observe the Sun in Chile

Portugal will build a telescope in Chile to observe the Sun on the ground, which should begin operating in 2025, the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA) announced on Wednesday, which will operate the equipment remotely.

The PoET solar telescope, whose dome construction is expected to begin later this year, will be installed at the Paranal Observatory, allowing Data about the Sun that “no other telescope can obtain”“.

According to a statement from the IA, which scientifically leads the project, the Sun can be used as an example for “identify and better understand the sources of noise that affect data obtained from other solar-type stars”and that “greatly limit the search and characterization” of planets outside the Solar System similar to Earth (particularly in terms of size and composition).

PoET (Paranal Solar Espresso Telescope) will inject sunlight into the Espresso spectrograph, an instrument mounted on the VLT telescope that aims to detect Earth-like planets capable of supporting life (as we know it).

PoET is currently in the final design phase, with installation in Chile planned for before summer 2025.

The Paranal Observatory is managed by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), an astronomical organisation of which Portugal is a member.

The installation of PoET at the Paranal Observatory, which houses other telescopes, was agreed between the OES and the Centre for Astrophysics of the University of Porto, which houses the Porto hub of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

Source: Observadora

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