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Ferrari destroys 400,000 counterfeit items and three cars

To understand Ferrari’s animosity towards counterfeit products that are sold annually by the millions around the world, bearing its emblem or brand, it is necessary to take into account that The Italian manufacturer has a turnover of between 4 and 5 billion euros a year. But around 2 billion come from the sale of commercialization — to which are added just under a billion from the theme parks in Abu Dhabi and Barcelona, ​​​​hence the importance of this business area for the Cavallino Rampante brand.

The vast majority of counterfeit Ferraris end up like this. They are destroyed and transformed into a metal cube.

Ferrari announced that, In 2023, it destroyed more than 400,000 counterfeit piecesduly adorned with the brand’s emblem, including three vehicles that were for sale as Ferraris. However, beneath the bodywork was a chassis and mechanics from another manufacturer. Everything was destroyed, and the three vehicles were summoned to a press like those found in scrapyards, from where they emerge as a cube of crushed metal approximately 1 meter on each side.

The list of counterfeit parts detected by Ferrari lawyers in 2023

According to information provided by the brand, among the more than 400,000 objects with the brand’s emblem destroyed, 100,351 were Tshirts and other items of clothing, 91,229 glasses, 60,903 watches, 57,503 wallets, 30,161 bottles of perfume, 17,438 pairs of shoes, 17,231 suitcases and bags, 13,415 belts, 1,092 balls, 872 scale models and 800 motorless scooters. This, of course, is in addition to the three fake Ferraris.

The ease with which the Italian manufacturer manages to gather such a generous quantity of counterfeit products is due to the strategy with which it pursues those who seek to illegally take advantage of the image of the brand created in 1933 by Enzo Ferrari. The Italian manufacturer has established a reward system for those who detect counterfeit productsnot in the possession of individuals, but of commercial establishments, informing Ferrari about the type of parts and quantity, with photographs supporting the information.

But Ferrari’s lawyers are not always able to defend the brand’s interests, one of the most recent examples coming from Spain. A Spanish used car stand in A Coruña was “caught” with a replica of a Ferrari F430 built on a Ford Cougar. This is a real sacrilege for supercar lovers, a kind of Frankenstein with no commercial value. The case was born in 2018, with Ferrari’s lawyers attacking strongly, demanding compensation of 2.1 million euros, the seizure of the car and a year in prison for the owner of the establishment. However, the Spanish judge determined that the requested sanction was excessive, since the car was not for sale, it had already been bought (a few weeks before being seized), transformed by the owner of the establishment and even the emblem was based on the Chilean flag and not the Italian one.

Source: Observadora

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