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Ford Capri returns as a VW-based SUV coupe

The Capri was one of Ford’s most iconic models, an elongated two-door coupé that the brand launched in 1969 and manufactured for three generations and 17 years. The four-seater model left a significant mark on sports car lovers, not precisely because of the version powered by the small 1.3 4-cylinder engine, but because of the Capri 3.0 GT and the Capri RS2600, both with V6 engines. Now Ford announces the return of the model, no longer as a two-door, four-seat sports coupé, but as an electric SUV coupé that, being less bulky and more dynamic, is more aerodynamic and could be considered a crossover.

The Capri is another Ford vehicle that comes from the manufacturer’s platform exchange with Volkswagen, to which the Americans gave the base of its Ranger pickup truck for the production of the new Amarok. In exchange, VW provided the MEB electric platform so that its occasional “partners” could go ahead with the Explorer and Capri, which in the market will be seen as competitors to the ID.4 and ID.5.

Compared to the Explorer (4,468 m), the Capri (4,634 m) is 16.6 cm longer and 4 mm lower, using the same wheelbase (2,767 m), allowing it to offer more luggage (567 versus 470 litres). Like the Explorer, the Capri is offered with rear-wheel drive (RWD) and 286 hp, or all-wheel drive (AWD) and with two engines totalling 340 hp. The RWD is equipped with a 77 kWh battery pack.

The AWD versions of both SUVs use the new 79 kWh battery, which increases the range a little further, almost compensating for the additional 65 kg or so due to the second engine and the more generous battery. But if we take into account the more affordable versions, the RWD, the Capri announces a range of 627 km, compared to the 602 km of the equivalent Explorer, which, together with the greater length, will tend to make us forget a slightly higher price, which in Portugal costs €51,608, €2,541 more than the €49,067 of the Explorer.

Ford Capri reborn as coupe version of Euro Explorer EV

Source: Observadora

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