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Las Vegas is experiencing its fifth consecutive day of scorching temperatures ranging between 46 and 48 degrees, the 4th

The US city of Las Vegas experienced its fifth consecutive day of scorching temperatures on Wednesday, with temperatures of 46.1 degrees Celsius (ºC) and above, and hot air masses are expected to affect the US over the weekend.

The temperature hit that level shortly after 1 p.m. at Harry Reid International Airport, breaking the previous record of four consecutive days set in July 2005.

AND This record could be increased or even doubled over the weekend.

Even by desert standards, the prolonged heat in Nevada’s largest city is unprecedented, with meteorologists calling it “the most extreme heat wave” since the National Weather Service began keeping records in 1937.

So far, the city has recorded 16 highs since June 1, well before the official start of the summer season, “and we’re not even halfway through July yet,” meteorologist Morgan Stessman said Wednesday.

This includes the all-time high of 48.4C set on Monday, which surpassed the previous record of 47.2C.

One resident, Alyse Sobosan, considered This July is the hottest in 15 years. where he resides in Las Vegas. He also said that he tries not to leave the house during the day.

“It’s oppressively hot. It’s like you can’t live your life,” he said.

Health experts have also warned that it is dangerously hot. This year alone, at least Nine heat-related deaths in Clark Countynear Las Vegas, according to the medical examiner’s office. But the numbers are likely to be higher.

“Even average-aged people who are seemingly healthy can suffer from heat illness when it is so severe that it does not allow the body to cool down,” said Alexis Brignola, an epidemiologist with the Southern Nevada Health District.

For homeless people and others without access to safe environments, Local leaders have set up emergency cooling centers in community centers.throughout Nevada.

More than 142 million people in the U.S. were under heat warnings Wednesday, particularly in Western states, where several places matched or surpassed highs over the weekend and were expected to do so throughout the week.

But there are also warnings for the eastern part of the US, including the Philadelphia area, northern Delaware and most of New Jersey.

The US heatwave comes as the global mean temperature (GMT) in June set a record for the 13th consecutive month, which was also the 12th in which the world had a GMT 1.5ºC higher than the pre-industrial era, detailed the European Climate Service Copernicus.

Much of this Heat is the result of climate change.caused, in turn, by greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels, scientists say.

Source: Observadora

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