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A rare Palestinian note sells for more than $ 170,000

A British citizen saw a £ 100 Palestinian note in a charity shop and noticed its peculiarity, but did not expect it to sell 1,400 times its value.

Rare paper money is between ten less than ten bills with the same value known to exist. It was given to senior officials during the British Mandate of Palestine in 1927 and sold for £ 140,000 (about US $ 175,000).

And citizen Paul Maiman was working for the “Oxfam” charity as a donor when he found a 100 Palestinian pound note inside a box of donated items.

He then decided to contact one of the auction houses, experts rated the value of the paper money at £ 30k, but when the auction house offered “Spink in London it sold for £ 140,000.”

Paul commented, “I just realized that I have an incredibly rare and valuable piece in my hands. I can’t believe it’s sold so well. ”

It was transferred to a charity store in a box by an unknown donor in October 2020 and auctioned at the auction house in February 2022.

Paul, who followed the online auction process in April, confirmed that it was initially offered for £ 30,000, adding that at first he thought it might be counterfeit because it was a very rare coin.

Source: “Independent”

Source: Arabic RT

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