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International designer: Kim Kardashian wearing a Marilyn Monroe dress was ‘a fatal mistake’

Famous fashion designer Bob Mackie thought Kim Kardashian made a mistake in choosing Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the last Met Gala.

“I thought it was a big mistake, Marilyn Monroe was a goddess, a mad goddess, but she was a goddess, she was gorgeous,” Mackie, the legendary costume designer responsible for the original dress from 1962, told Entertainment Weekly. It was designed for her, nothing else should be seen in this dress. ”

“Actually, the dress was not only designed for Monroe, but it was dyed and sewn to perfectly match her skin color before the famous‘ Happy Birthday, Mr. President ‘performance at Madison Square Garden, ”Mackey added.

The late Marilyn Monroe wore the 1962 dress to US President John F. Kennedy’s birthday party and sang Happy Birthday.

Kim Kardashian decided to wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress at the Met Gala earlier this month, and she received a lot of criticism for her choice to wear a historically significant dress for an evening out.

International designer: Kim Kardashian wears a Marilyn Monroe dress

Mackie was only 23 years old when she worked as an assistant to fashion designer Jean-Louis, who was actually responsible for making the dress from silk soufflé, a very flammable fabric that gave the dress the illusion of a nude. and appearance.

Mackey’s ideas reflect the concerns of some historians, who argue that even Kardashian dressing up her body was enough to ruin its future preservation and structural integrity.

TCM presenter Alicia Malone said, “There are all sorts of issues with the actual custody of the suit, and things like oxygen can affect the suit. It was disturbing that he could wear the suit. Personally, I want him to wear a replica. Instead of the same suit. ”

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