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Strange iron balls appear in the Empty Quarter desert that shock the Saudis and singers solve the mystery (video)

Some young Saudis found strange steel balls in the Empty Quarter desert in southern Saudi Arabia while traveling.

While a video clip circulating on communication sites documented the moment the iron cylinders were found in the desert, the photographer said he did not know what they were or what they were for.

According to the video, when a boy tried to pick up one of them, the video documentarian believed it might be an explosive object and warned him, and the boy immediately threw it on the ground.

The cameraman inquired about the condition of these cylinders after they were found, and expressed that he was surprised by their presence in the desert and their intended use.

These strange balls and their whereabouts are making headlines on social networking sites, and one tweet commenting on the clip read, “These iron balls are cylinders used as a warning sign for highway or railroad at night before the seventies, and filled up. with kerosene and light them at night to give warning. Get on the road.”

“These balls are empty steel spherical cylinders that can be used as torches or oil lamps for night lighting,” said Ahmed Al-Mobayed, a second tweeter.

As for blogger Samir Junaid, he confirmed that these are old torches used by soldiers to light up areas and roads, and are now being sold as a kind of decoration after being painted and decorated.

Source: Saudi media + Twitter.

Source: Arabic RT

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