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Portuguese fashion. 48 micro close-up details behind the scenes

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The essential, they say, is invisible to the eye, like the urgent hem of pants bought for a wedding, undone by the most skilled seamstress. But let’s save episodes like this for other longer essays. In the whirlwind offstage, details are everything, lest the devil linger on them and compromise the march. Between make-up and rehearsals, brief impromptu snacks before the big moment and the inevitable stop at the hairdresser, we have pinned down 48 moments that would otherwise have remained invisible backstage at Portugal Fashion, which ended this Saturday night. .

Alexandra Moura’s rain serenade to Natália Correia on the last day of Portugal Fashion

Put on the headphones, prepare your face for the brushes and check the alignment. in the photo gallery above.

Source: Observadora

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