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The secret of Hugo Candeeias’ cheesecake

Distributed in small bowls, the ingredients are in front of us, ready to go into action. First note: eggs, flour, cream cheese, cream, sugar. So far, no surprises. This comes at the next moment: we realize, disappointed, that the weighting of each of the behind-the-scenes elements did not only have practical motivations. The secrets of the cheese dessert, with its toasted crust, its particularly creamy interior and its well-measured sweetness, cannot be revealed to all: it is, after all, in the omission of small details (including but not only the weight) that chef Hugo Candeeias applies to the cheesecake that gained popularity in Oficio — known worldwide for being typically Basque, but the story may not be so (now come on) — that it is the formula for a unique dessert. A serious case of success, which It even has a name: it’s Dona.

But calm down. This does not mean that you will leave this article empty-handed. In search of the secret, we have collected precious tips that you should follow at home and that will help you replicate the dessert, which for a week has also been available in Lota d’Ávila, on Avenidas Novas, another of the spaces of the paradigm group. . It was here that we accompanied chef Hugo Candeeias to make the cheesecake. And this is what we learned.

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Source: Observadora

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