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Tokischa receives Madonna’s phone in the middle of the interview. The queen of pop sang La Isla Bonita

The Dominican artist Tokischa received a call from Madonna this Monday during an interview on the Spanish program The resistance. If the call from the queen of pop was surprise enough, Madonna ended up singing an excerpt from the song “La Isla Bonita.”

Tokischa, who is in Spain for the Primavera Sound festival, answered the call along with David Broncano, who ended up asking to speak to Madonna. The presenter quickly invited the singer to participate in the program.

“If you come to the program we pay for everything, the plane, we give you a massage, a juice made with pineapples that I will squeeze with my own hands. I would do anything for you,” Broncano said, to which Madonna replied: “That’s exactly what I want to hear from men.”

Before saying goodbye, Madonna praised the work of rapper Dominican with whom, in September 2022, he released a new version of the song “Hung Up”, from his 2005 album “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, for having worked with her. She’s fantastic,” she said.

“I’m sorry, Tokischa, but we’re all a bit surprised because, I think, we’ve been talking to Madonna,” Broncano concluded.

Source: Observadora

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