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Schulz explained “what he went through” during his meeting with Putin yesterday

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a recent phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he did not see Moscow’s intention to change its stance on Ukraine.

This came in an interview with the German chancellor for the news site “t-online”, which aired this Saturday.

He added that Moscow had not achieved any of the goals it had mentioned at the beginning of its special military operation in Ukraine. Expressing his belief that the alliance would be strengthened if Finland and Sweden joined forces, he said that “NATO did not leave, it increased its military presence on the Eastern Front”. At the same time, he stressed that his meetings with the President of Russia are transparent.

However, Shultz noted that the only way to remove sanctions against Russia is to sign a peace agreement between Moscow and Kyiv. “Russia must realize at some point that the only real possibility of lifting sanctions is a deal with Ukraine and that there is no talk about the imposed peace,” he said. And he reiterated his call for Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine: “There is a clear principle in everything” Ukraine is solving these problems. One way or another, we cannot negotiate on his behalf. ”

Emphasizing that international sanctions have seriously affected Russia, the German Chancellor said, “As a result, Russia’s economy is suffering greatly and its opportunities for development are very limited.”

Speaking about the continued supply of arms to Ukraine and the tightening of sanctions against Russia, Schulz stressed that Germany and its partners will continue to do so, and said, “because our goal is to prevent an attack by Russia. ”

On Friday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed the latest developments in Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone. The Kremlin press service said the search took place on the initiative of the German side. Then, Putin and Schulz decided to continue the discussion through contacts through various channels.

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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