French Prime Minister Jean Castique will submit his government’s resignation and resignation to President Emmanuel Macron on Monday at around 4pm French time, and according to sources, “there are five names,” according to Agence France-Presse. least of all in the list of potential candidates for the post of prime minister.

And she pointed out: “Jean Castile, the second prime minister under Emmanuel Macron, left Matignon on Monday afternoon, heading to the Élysée Palace to submit his resignation to the president, leaving the field open for betting, and the new prime minister will have to lead the election campaign.” ruling party in the coming days regarding the elections.” The upcoming National Assembly (House of Representatives), which will be held in two rounds on June 12 and 19.”

The French government website on May 14 mistakenly published the government’s resignation letter and it remained on the website page for more than an hour, with the resignation letter stating that “Prime Minister Jean Castix has submitted his government’s resignation to the president.” Republic of Emmanuel Macron. According to the government, an “information processing error” occurred, causing the site’s administration to delay the checkout for “repackaging and updating.”

According to several French media reports, Castix does not want to enter the new government, although his name was on the list of potential members of the Ministry of Justice, and that he intended to resign immediately after the presidential election, but re-elected President Emmanuel Macron demanded that he keep his post until the reshuffle in the cabinet of ministers.