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Because of the gas crisis… Britain is planning electricity rationing!

As the gas shortage crisis continues in a number of countries around the world, the UK plans to cut off electricity to factories and even homes in the winter season.

Britain could face a shortfall of one-sixth of total electricity demand this winter, even after emergency coal-fired power plants are put into operation, Bloomberg website quoted government officials as saying, adding: “The government sees this as a reasonable possibility.” worst case scenario.”

Given these expectations, Britain may need to “take emergency measures to save gas in January, including regular blackouts in factories and even homes.”

The source explained that Britain may have to rely increasingly on gas shipments arriving via European pipelines, although supplies will be tight and Russia will limit flows.

He added: “This is a problem for the UK, which has very limited internal storage capacity.

European countries will face a “crisis” this winter after Russian gas flows begin to decline, officials say.

Meanwhile, the emergency gas plan of the European Union, with the aim of increasing the readiness of this union for the possibility of stopping the supply of Russian gas, came into effect on Tuesday.

According to this plan, EU countries must voluntarily reduce their gas consumption by 15% between August 1st and March 31st compared to the average consumption during the same period in the last five years.

According to the information of the European Commission, 45 billion cubic meters of gas will be supplied to reach the specified goal.

Source: Lebanon Debate

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