Britain’s Bloomberg reported that the UK is planning to deal with a scenario in which gas supply is reduced due to cold winters that last for several days, and leads to an organized power outage for industry, even in residential buildings. .

Under the government’s new “reasonably worst” scenario, the UK could face a power shortage of about one-sixth of peak demand, even after emergency coal-fired power plants come online, according to people familiar with the government’s plans, Bloomberg reported.

Below-average temperatures and lower electricity imports from Norway and France could spark a four-day crisis in January when the UK may have to take emergency gas-saving measures, the sources said, according to those forecasts.

The government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said in a statement that this scenario “is not what we expect. Households, businesses and industry can be confident that they will have the electricity and gas they need.”

If this scenario materializes, blackouts will occur even as Britons face average annual electricity bills likely to top £4,200 ($5,086) in January from less than £2,000 currently, according to Bloomberg.