“Seven people were killed and 28 were injured as a result of the Iranian bombing of Iraqi Kurdistan,” the AFP news agency reported, citing an official statement.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned Iran’s “artillery and rocket attacks on areas of Iraqi Kurdistan.” Iran’s Kurdistan Democratic Party, which opposes the regime in Iran, announced that “Iranian forces have attacked the party’s bases and headquarters with rockets and drones in connection with the bombing of the Koysincak area, west of Erbil, in northern Iraq.” that “according to preliminary information. Two people were killed … and several other party fighters were injured.”

And the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) reported that “the Islamic Revolutionary Guards fired at the headquarters of terrorists in northern Iraq with precision-guided missiles and drones.” Earlier in the day, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards for Operations, Brigadier General Abbas Nilfroshan, indicated that threats had crystallized in Iran’s border areas and stressed: “We will target the source of any threat and operation. against the country at any moment.”