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The assassination of the daughter of “Putin’s brain” once again came to the fore… who is involved?

The case of the murder of the daughter of the famous philosopher Alexander Dugin, known as “Putin’s brain”, has once again come to the fore after American officials revealed that American intelligence agencies believe that parties in the Ukrainian government were involved in the assassination. last august

Officials clarified that the United States did not participate in the attack, either by providing information or other assistance.

According to the report of the American newspaper “New York Times”, they also emphasized that they were not aware of this operation in advance and if they were consulted, they would have opposed it and considered the Ukrainian authorities responsible for this assassination.

Meanwhile, officials shared a detailed assessment of previously unreported Ukrainian interference in the US government last week.

For its part, Ukraine denied involvement in the plot immediately after the attack, and senior officials repeated this denial when asked about the US intelligence assessment.

In addition, US officials have expressed frustration with Ukraine’s lack of transparency regarding its secret military programs, especially on Russian soil.

Some US officials suspect that Daria Dogina’s father, the Russian thinker Alexander Dogin, was the real target of the operation, and the activists who carried out the operation believe that he would be in the car with his daughter.

Officials briefed on the information did not say which elements of the Ukrainian government are believed to have authorized the mission, who carried out the attack, or whether President Volodymyr Zelensky signed off on the mission. no

They also did not mention who in the US government issued the warnings or who in the Ukrainian government delivered them and did not know what Ukraine’s response would be.

It is worth noting that Daria, who was killed last August in the explosion of her car in the suburbs of Moscow and was also known as Platonova, was a staunch supporter of her father’s ideas, especially the Russian military operation that began in Ukraine. Soil on February 24.

As editor of United World International, he also widely promoted the Kremlin’s version of the conflict with Kyiv, warning of Ukraine’s bleak fate if it joined NATO, which Moscow has seen as a spearhead against it since last February.

Source: Lebanon Debate

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