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Authorities evaluate support for immigrants from the dismantled network in Baixo Alentejo

The authorities are currently working to identify the needs of the victims of the immigrant trafficking network dismantled this week in Alentejo, revealed this Friday the National Rapporteurship on Human Trafficking.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, the official indicated that the “identification and assessment” of the needs of all allegedly exploited immigrants for this criminal network.

“We are working to seek to guarantee support, whether from a formal or legal point of view, the transmission of rights or the legal framework,” said Manuel Albano.

Migrant Smuggling in Alentejo is no Surprise International Organization for Migration

According to the official, teams from the associations involved are already providing some type of support to these people, in a “congregation of efforts” so that they benefit from a “differentiated vision that looks at their needs.”

“That’s why these teams, at ground zero [quando decorreu a operação policial no terreno]have been there for the people, and now, in this analysis and [fase de] differentiation, continue supporting the needs they may have”, he said.

Asked by Lusa about the fact that there are victims who chose to stay in the house they were already in, Manuel Albano said that “people are free” and their freedom and self-determination are guaranteed.

“Nothing was imposed on any of the people, but to give them that possibility, regardless of their cooperation or not with the judicial authorities,” the rapporteur stressed, considering that “this was not even what was being questioned.”

The official pointed out that the relevance of this operation, in addition to the legal and police aspects, “was, from a human rights perspective, guaranteeing the dignity to which all people are entitled.”

Regarding the possible risks faced by victims who decide to stay in the house where they were already staying, Manuel Albano said that You can’t blame these people for making that decision.???????? “People are self-determined and we cannot blame them” and whoever has this speech “is putting a burden on these people that they do not have”, he stressed, stressing, however, that this does not mean that the victims are “for God will give.”

Support to 218 migrants from the dismantled network in Baixo Alentejo

According to the rapporteur, the teams are still on the ground and their contacts “have been transmitted” to the victims so that “they can, in a space of security and knowledge of their rights, exercise them and guarantee their full protection.” “The reception is one of the components, it is not the exclusive component,” he pointed out.

Asked by Lusa about whether the immigrants had their documentation in order, Manuel Albano replied that “That part” is being investigated by the authoritiesthat is, the criminal police force that carries out the investigation.

“What we have heard from both sides is that there will be people with somewhat irregular, totally regular and completely irregular documentation, the result of the exploitation system that would eventually be attacked,” he added.

An operation by the Judicial Police (PJ), in collaboration with other entities, allowed the arrest, this Wednesday, of 35 people belonging to a criminal network that hired foreign workers for agriculture in Baixo Alentejo.

According to the High Commission for Migration (ACM), the number of migrants assisted as part of the dismantling of this human trafficking network amounts to 218, of which 62 were sent to emergency accommodation.

Source: Observadora

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