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Angela Merkel says she lost influence with Putin because she was about to resign

Angela Merkel admitted that she lost influence over Vladimir Putin in the final stretch of his term because the Russian president knew that the then German chancellor was leaving and would not run again. “I no longer had the power to carry out my ideas because everyone knew: ‘She’ll be gone in the fall’“said the former German leader in an interview with Der Spiegel, quoted by The Guardian.

“Had I continued in September I would have continued to push, but at my last meeting in Moscow, the sentiment was clear: from the point of view of power politics, it’s over. For Putin, the only thing that counts is power,” said Angela Merkel. But the former chancellor considers that she managed, even so, to “buy time” for kyiv with the contribution she made to the Minsk Treaty.

Incidentally, Merkel considered the criticism that she had paid little attention to Ukraine during the annexation of Crimea between 2013 and 2014 unfair. How could you take your eyes off Ukraine? But it’s very simple: we had elections [na Alemanha]something was always going on in Greece at that time and I broke my pelvic bone.”

In the final stretch of her term, Angela Merkel tried to promote a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, president of France. And she sought to schedule a meeting between European leaders in the summer of 2021 after a meeting between the Russian president and his American counterpart, Joe Biden. But none of the initiatives came to fruition, said the former leader of the German government.

“Some objected and I no longer had the strength to impose myself because everyone knew that I would leave in the fall,” he said. Merkel is said to have questioned other European leaders about why they did not talk with Putin. The answers? “One said: ‘This is too big for me’🇧🇷 The other just shrugged. ‘That’s what the greats should do’“, quotes Deutsche Welle.

Source: Observadora

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