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Bullying and incompetence. Controversy in Caritas

It was time for reunions. For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic forced the transfer of work to the world of videoconferences, more than a hundred representatives of the Caritas Internationalis network, from many parts of the globe, were going to meet in person in Rome. The theme of the two-day conference, scheduled for November 21-22, was “sisterly cooperation,” a theme that is especially relevant to the organization at this time.

Headquartered in Rome, Caritas Internationalis, the main solidarity network of the Catholic Church worldwide, is made up of 162 national organizations (such as Cáritas Portuguesa), which operate in around 200 countries and territories, in practice almost all of the world. planet. The last two years have been especially challenging for the institution: on the one hand, the pandemic and isolation have increased social needs (to give you an idea, Cáritas Portuguesa currently provides daily social support to 120,000 people); on the other hand, the war in Ukraine opened the doors to global solidarity work in which Caritas played a relevant role (sending 100 million euros and supporting more than 3.5 million people in 50 aid centers throughout the country ).

The meeting was highly anticipated, as the announcement published by Caritas Internationalis stated: “The conference will take place at a time when Caritas member organizations are facing the devastating impact of the pandemic, compounded by the negative effects of war and violence. . in the most vulnerable, and with the need for creative and coordinated cooperation. (…) The results of this conference will also provide Caritas Internationalis with the working basis to lead the confederation until 2030 and for the General Assembly that will take place in May 2023”.

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Source: Observadora

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