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A Franco-Spanish protester who lost his manhood filed a police complaint. The Egyptian armed forces sent a group of members on a mission to Mecca. “The burning of the entire Ukrainian army.” Russia warns from Egypt of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine because of America. Rasputin, the founder of “Wagner”.. Called on Americans and British to apologize and behave normally Recent developments and reflections Regarding the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 23/01/2023/ Two officials of Ukraine escaped and gave “important information” to Russia’s security “Hezbollah”, commented on the burning of the Holy Quran In Sweden Sisi does not speak directly about a disaster in America Donetsk forces took over the stations of Starlink satellite communications Medvedev urges the West to abandon its dreams of destroying Russia and support NATO He describes them as “neutered dogs” in the Arabic word. Rona Ludu, Al-Nasr and Al-Ettifaq get attention before the start of the match (video) “Al-Mawlid is in the wind” .. Ronaldo plays Al-Ettifaq defender in Al-Wadan manipulation (video): I don’t have regret Burning a copy of the Koran in Stockholm For the first time in the history of professional football, a referee has dishonored a white card.. so what does this card mean? Al-Sisi reveals 10-year plan to kidnap Egypt Russia supplies Egypt with large quantities of wheat Media: Ukraine kills negotiator Denis Kireev and marches to his funeral Warsaw: There is a big game without Now it’s about the success of Ukraine, but Washington’s influence in Europe and everyone understands that Biden ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff. After her husband was arrested on sexual assault charges, she broke her silence “Al-Kaaba”: The Kuwaiti government is now resigning From Russia to Germany? The leader of an anti-Islamic group tore up the Quran in the Netherlands The latest developments and effects of the Russian military operation in Ukraine last night / 22.01.2023/ He was surprised from an Egyptian economist: The USA cannot pay the its remaining debt Sky News: Russian forces outside Artyomovsk and Ukrainians disperse their tanks Erdogan of civilians, under the guise of burning the Koran: Sweden does not expect us to enter The framework for accepting the -its accession to NATO, Saudi Arabia.. Appointing 34 women to leadership positions in the affairs departments of the two Holy Mosques Scholz, with his party Monday Today he plans to review his policy in Russia. Details of the case of Elvis, accused of sexual assault, “a stupid bag”.. A Ukrainian fighter dances on top of the ruins of his victim “currency risks”. Putin refers to the urgent mission of the Eurasian Economic Union in Moscow, Holy Quran Condemns his burning extremists Calls for action in Sweden and against them Egypt Stock Exchange Big gains Good news for Jordanian women married to foreigners (the photo) Rogozin vowed to take revenge on the Ukrainian army troops who tried to kill him in Donetsk A former Pentagon adviser confirmed this possibility End of the Ukrainian conflict with a phone. Witness.. The victory of Al-Nassr in the first match led by Ronaldo. Ukrainian forces withdraw from the village of Kamenskoye, Zaporozhye Province. China has installed a thermal electric gun on its tank, similar to “Armata”. ” What does he think? The Russian Orthodox Church interprets the burning of the Koran in Stockholm, Kyiv detonates nuclear reactors, and Moscow warns of a stray Ukrainian missile. The Russian Armed Forces are moving the front line away from the region. Cities and villages in the Zaporozhye region Researcher: The apostasy of Ethiopian bishops is a “dangerous” issue (photos) Council of Europe: The coming weeks in the conflict in Ukraine will determine our future Sisi sends message to Egyptians about the dollar crisis in Egypt ..officials detailed the details of the search for donkey structures in Fayoum in videos Russia decided to expel the Estonian ambassador and lower the diplomatic level in Charge d’ affaires Sisi: If they can kill us, they will kill us. He did so at Egyptian side Al-Ahly after Mortada Mansour described Kahraba as “a fugitive”. Peskov: Tensions are growing among members of the “NATO” alliance. Saudi insurance clarifies procedures for recording wages of non-Saudi workers. He won the title and “lost his face”. (Video) Peskov: Partial mobilization and conscription are among other tasks needed by the Ministry of Defense A study shows a “critical foundation” when it comes to weight loss! Lavrov: The West’s war with Russia is no longer a hybrid, it is almost real. Erdogan leads first metro ride at Istanbul Airport (video) Tweeters mock Zelensky: He’s about to make the deal for Ukraine worse than the deals in Minsk. For Ronaldo, after his first official contact with the Saudi victory, the moment when the Ukrainian tank was destroyed by missiles fired by the “crocodile” and “night hunter” teams. Haaland broke Mohamed Salah’s record. What is the size of Russian assets in Switzerland? Borrell explained a condition for adding Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to the terrorist list. A police body-worn camera shows the second ambassador, Netanyahu Andrade, “dispersing” from the Brazilian government, moments before the gunman was killed at an American commercial store. American fighter twists Murphy’s face (video) Swedish Foreign Minister explains the authorities’ permission to burn the Holy Quran in Stockholm Is it using rubles for ships to cross the Suez Canal? procedures of Egypt What are the 5 largest gas fields in Egypt? Watch.. The first cloned horse will appear in China Head of “Foreign Affairs” in the US House of Representatives: Abrams One, will pay Germany to give a “Leopard” to Ukraine The USA “sent” another “ send” to the founder of ” Wagner” Black signal” Czech presidential candidate Andrej Babis warns Poland: We will not help you Experts prepare a 12-step checklist to reduce the risk of dementia when the British arrive helicopter in Ukraine Large amount of explosives left at a hideout by Ukrainian forces in the Republic. of Luhansk Daily coffee drinking standard British newspaper: Supporting Ukraine with tanks has become a radioactive cemetery of Turkey and Swedish Egypt selling ports to Arab and foreign countries Egypt and Sudan will decide on the Nile River Will France and Germany end US hegemony in Europe?

An investigation was opened in the case last Thursday of a French-Spanish protester shot during the demonstrations in Paris, injuring him with a police baton and causing him to lose his testicles.

It came by citing the French Prosecutor’s Office, where the 26-year-old Franco-Spanish engineer was found to have lost his testicle when a Paris police officer hit him with a baton, and the victim’s lawyer said. file a complaint for “intentional violence causing injury”.

Today, Monday, the police launched an investigation into the incident involving “violence by a person with state power,” and the investigation was entrusted to the National Police Inspectorate.

At the invitation of the 8 leading French trade unions (CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa, Solidaires, FSU), more than 200 demonstrations were held across France against the raising of the retirement age and the largest event took place in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille and Nantes. According to the Ministry of the Interior, more than a million people attended the demonstrations, of which 80,000 were in Paris, and 38 were arrested.

According to the reporter of the “Novosti” agency from the scene, various industry representatives, supporters of the yellow vest movement and black bloc militants participated in the demonstration that began in Republic Square in Paris, and the clash after the extremists. started throwing stones, bottles, firecrackers and fireworks at the police. The police then sprayed pepper gas, forcing the crowd to retreat.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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